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This course will extensively cover the essentials needed for succeeding at university. The focus will be academic writing and academic presentations. This includes referencing, synthesising, writing an essay & thesis and public speaking.
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Note-taking & General Study Skills

Learn how to take effective notes and general study skills.

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Topics include:

  • What is a lecture / seminar / workshop / tutorial?
  • Why take notes?
  • How to be an active note taker
  • Effective note taking strategies
  • The key difference between a good and a bad student
  • Making the most of time
  • Being able to work alone & in a team

The Harvard Referencing System

Learn how to reference accurately using the Harvard Referencing System.

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Topics include:

  • Why do we reference?
  • What is plagiarism?
  • What is Turnitin?
  • In-text & end of text referencing
  • Non-integral and integral citation
  • Reference list or bibliography
  • Ways of incorporating sources
  • What does not need referencing – what is common knowledge?

Writing Paragraphs

Learn how to write well written and structured paragraphs.

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Topics include:

  • Paraphrase, summarise & synthesise
  • Your own voice
  • Topic sentences
  • Paragraph structure & unity

How to Deliver a Presentation

This module cannot be individually booked. Please refer to the public speaking course.

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This module cannot be individually booked. Please refer to the public speaking course.

Punctuation and Proofreading

Learn how to finish off an assignment by proofreading and using punctuation accurately.

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Topics include:

  • Commas, fullstops, apostrophes etc
  • How to proofread?

Researching for Academic Purposes

Learn how to research like an expert for academic purposes and beyond.

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Topics include:

  • What is research? – primary, secondary, quantitative, qualitative

  • Evaluation of source types

  • How to research like a scholar

  • Searching for influential research

  • Source evaluation: use the CRAAP method

  • Why do you need to research?

  • When do you need to research? How to present your finding


Reading for Academic Purposes

Learn how to read for academic purposes using efficient reading skills.

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Topics include:

  • Your purpose for reading
  • Knowing what to read
  • Skimming
  • Scanning
  • Careful reading
  • Reading actively
  • How to love reading

Cohesion & Conciseness

Learn how to write in a cohesive and concise manner, the distinction between a good and a great student.

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Topics include:

  • Paragraph structure & unity
  • Cohesion
  • Conciseness

Writing an Essay

Learn how to write different elements of an essay and different types of assignments. This is 2 weeks

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Topics include:

  • Introductions & conclusions
  • Argument & counter-argument essay
  • Your opinion
  • Reports
  • Problem solution essay
  • Report
  • Thesis sections

Course description

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