Glossophobia: Public Speaking Anxiety

Glossophobia is the technical name given to public speaking anxiety. The fear of speaking in front of an audience is real and there are varying levels of severity. In defining this term, we must distinguish it from the more general condition of fearing any social...

3 Reasons Why You Should Start Reading

Research carried out at the beginning of this year (2019) showed that the number of Americans who did not read a book the previous year went up to 27%, compared to 19% in 2011 (Perrin, 2019). This sad figure is even more startling when you look at the 8% figure of...

4 Golden Essay Writing Tips

Essay writing can be a stressful and laborious task, but if you keep these four tips in mind and you put into practice, you will make the essay writing a beautiful experience not only for yourself, but also for your reader. 1. A controversial topic You need to give...

8 things you need to know about Emiratisation

What is Emiratisation? Emiratisation is an initiative taken by the UAE government to get more of its citizens into work, in particular, into private sector jobs. It is similar to the initiative taken by Saudi Arabia, named Saudisation. It isn’t something new, but it...

The 5 Keys of Academic Writing

The 1st of September 2019 saw the very first Institutum Grammatica taster day. It was an amazing experience. The best part was meeting all of you wonderful people and we hope we will meet again soon. The most popular session was the 5 keys of academic writing. Here's...

What 3 months in China taught me

I have lived abroad before, but there was something different about this one. Well, actually there were a few things different about this one. Where I was going to was a country with an unfamiliar language, food, culture and way of life. What I was leaving behind was...

7 Tips for Perfect Note Taking

This post is going to be about note taking. This is quite possibly the foundational skill that every student needs to use and master in order to succeed. The one exception to this would probably be the one with photographic memory. So, if you are one with photographic...

How to Start a Presentation

Within 50 milliseconds of seeing someone’s face, you unconsciously make decisions that will influence your interactions. First impressions are important in all walks of life and they are magnified in certain walks such as a job interview, meeting the love of your life...


Episode 2: How to use social media to enhance your career

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