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how much do you read?

warren buffet

He read 600-1000 pages per day at the beginning of his career.

bill gates

He reads about 50 books per year.

mark zuckerberg

He read a book every 2 weeks in 2015.

Our vision

We want to revive the art and love of reading in the UAE. How? We plan to tour the UAE with our monthly book clubs. We want to visit every emirate on a monthly basis and run these sessions with the locals. The goal of the sessions are simple… read, attend, discuss and make friends. We are inviting reading enthusiasts, those who want to start reading and even those who don’t to join us on this exciting venture. It is completely free and no obligations as to how often you attend. Likewise, we are open to hearing from cafes, libraries, cultural centres and any venue  who want to host us. This is also in line with the national vision as the Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum said that reading, and the spread of knowledge, are key to the development and progress of nations.

open invitation

Calling all reading enthusiasts, those that want to get into reading or even those that do not… come and join us this epic journey where we revive a long lost art!

3 reasons why you should start reading now!

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