Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked

Where is Institutum Grammatica located?

4001-06 The Citadel Tower, Marasi Drive, Business Bay, Dubai

What are Institutum Grammatica’s tuition fees?

Tuition varies depending on program of study. Check the course page for up to date information.

Who will teach my subjects?

All subjects are taught by well qualified staff most of whom will be British and have taught at a British University.

How many employees do we need to book a training session?

There is no minimum number needed to book a training session.

What options are available for business customers?

All the courses are available to you. However, if you want employee professional development training, we would suggest looking at professional skills course in particular and then the general English and how to deliver presentations may also be relevant to you depending on the nature of your business.

How long will the professional development training last for?

Our minimum length is a half day training package, which is 3 hours. Full day is 6 hours. The length of the training is dependent on your needs. Whether you choose a day training or a week, we would strongly recommend you implement a regular professional development plan e.g. one day training every month or two.

Can I mix different aspects of the courses for employee professional development?

Yes! You can combine different aspects of the courses together to suit your needs and requirements. We will also make a suggestion based on our understanding of your organisation and needs.

What is the tutor-student ratio in my classes?

We want to ensure you gain an optimal learning experience. Therefore, we are limiting the class sizes to 12 students only. This enables the tutors to give the learners their time.

In-house training sessions will depend on the client request.

Who do I pay to register for my courses?

Payments are made out to the Institutum Grammatica. Further instructions will be given after registration.

When can I take the Placement tests?

English placement exams for the Academic English course will be scheduled once you have completed your registration.

What text books do I need to buy?

We use in-house material to ensure you get a unique and beneficial learning experience. However, tutors may advise you on their preferred choice of books for you to read in your time.

What should I do if I need to withdraw from a course?

If you need to withdraw from a course you need to let us know as soon as possible. We have a policy on refunds, which is published on the website.

Will I be required to do any self-study outside scheduled classroom hours?

Yes, students who excel in their studies are known to have done work outside of the classroom.

Will I be required to buy a laptop?

Laptops are optional. If a student has a laptop, they will have wireless internet access anytime, anywhere on campus.

Will there be an open day?

We hold open days and free taster days from time to time. Details of these are published on our website.

What lunch facilities do you have?

Our neighbours include an Arabic restaurant and two South Indian ones.

What is Institutum Grammatica’s refund policy after registration?

You can view our refund policy here.

What discounts are available for students who register?

We offer different types of discounts e.g. for early registration. These will be published on the website.

Is attendance compulsory?

Yes, it is compulsory. Students will not be allowed to take the final examination if they were absent for more than 25% of the classes relevant to the course.

How long is given for lunch?

There is no set lunch time. Your time is your own when not in class.

How do I register?

Fill out the online registration form.

How do I pay for my course fees?

Fees are payable after registration is approved and in full before the commencement of the course.

Can I pay for the course in instalments?

Payment must be made in full and prior to the course start date. However, for courses above 5000AED, there is an option to pay in instalments. This option is to pay 50% before the start date and the remaining 50% half way through the course.

How are students assessed?

Students are assessed by a combination of coursework and examinations depending on the subjects. You will be notified by your tutor at the beginning of each course. Attendance, classroom behaviour and participation is also taken into account. You must attend a minimum of 75% of classes.

Does Institutum Grammatica offer evening classes?

Yes! We have General English and Professional Skills classes in the evening and weekends, and how to deliver presentations on the weekends also.

Can I visit the institute before I commit to applying?

You are welcome to visit us during our normal hours, we are open Saturday – Thursday 9:00am to 8:00pm. We also run open days from time to time. Please refer to our website or the local press for details. We remain closed for most major holidays.

Are there any extra-curricular activities which I can join?

We have a monthly book club, ladies only club and breakfast mornings. Please check our social media updates to receive the latest activities on offer.

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4001-06 The Citadel Tower, Marasi Drive, Business Bay, Dubai