Essays come in many shapes and forms. One of the most common types is a problem solution essay. In this essay, the writer is expected to identify a problem and provide some viable solutions. These solutions are then evaluated and the writer concludes by selecting a solution. In this blog post, I will highlight the main parts of a problem solution essay and how to write the perfect one.

There are four main sections to be covered in a good problem solution essay. They are the situation, problem, solution and evaluation.


In this section, you must provide the background to the problem. Think of it as setting up the scene for the problem. You can include any relevant information that has led to the problem for example or reasons for the problem. If you are writing a specific essay (and you should be), then you can mention the state of the specific case. In shorter essays, this will go in the introduction.


After highlighting the reasons for the problem existing, you now define the problem in this section as well as the effects of the problem. If you cannot think of any effects, then is it a problem really? What has the problem led to? Has it led to loss of life, wealth, livelihood for example.

As a side note, these two sections of this essay must contain references and they will have the most references in comparison to the rest of the essay.


In this section, you must present some solutions. The number of solution will depend on your word limit, but it should be more than one. This will allow for a good evaluation. These solutions should viable, realistic and as specific as possible. Remember to take into consideration the situation. In this section, you can also mention the advantages of the solutions chosen i.e. why did you choose this solution?

Examples of solutions include:

  • law change
  • change of leadership
  • motivation
  • education
  • economic boost


This is the section that distinguishes between the top student and the not so top student. Here, you must evaluate the solutions, by looking at their disadvantages and analysing their advantages. Compare and contrast the different solutions to finally decide on the best solution to solve this problem. In shorter essays this may be in the conclusion.

So, there you have it. This is a very brief summary of how to write a problem solution essay. Enjoy.